Things to do before death list 

Isra's List


  • (NA) Visit Germany
  • (NA) Visit Russia
  • (NA) Visit Hungary
  • (NA) Visit France
  • (NA) Visit Lithuania
  • (NA) Visit Netherlands
  • (NA) Visit Belgium
  • (NA) Visit The Pyramids 
  • (NA) Visit The Easter Island
  • (NA) Visit The Stonehenge
  • (NA) Visit The Naska

  • (2011) Visit Croatia
  • (2011) Visit Slovenia
  • (2011) Visit Austria
  • (2001) Visit New York
  • (2011) Visit Italy 
  • (2012) Visit Poland


My favorite acid-jazz group, I really love all songs all discography, I need to see then live 

Because of their crazy concerts and amazing performance, this group has really nice music that mades me feel really in the mood.

The Best Electronic music Ever period.  It will be really hard because this group isn't making concerts at all since a long time ago, but I still have hope. 

Burning Man is a week-long annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States

This Spanish group is one of the best indie music I've heard in my life, I really love their music and I can say I'm a big fan, I wish I'll see them some day!

Made In Germany 1995–2011 Tour Tuesday 8 November 2011 Arena Zagreb

Crazy Things

because I wont live forever 

I'm sure I want to do this before my death

This one I really want to do it more than once 

I wanna do it some day, I really need time to practice and money to buy everything but even like that I wanna try and try my best =)

I really want to ride a bike, a super bike, some day I'll have money and buy a superbike just because yes =D

since I'm really child I always liked this "sport" but never had the chance, is some kind of freedom I want to feel

Nothing to say I love sky, I love it so much.

I want to make something but with sense, something to make people think and even change something, but still didn't found what exactly 

yep I like that feeling, risk and freedom 

Reasons too obvious 

it was on our dormitory, a nice day in winter and we found two shoping cars so we decided to make some races, we knew it was dangerous but that's why we did it =D 

this was on my erasmus experience, one of the best time on my life, I can't believe I spend this amazing time and is over now, but I don't regret any second.

Things to Buy

It's something I really want to do, buy it and learn about photography because I really love to take photos =), and also I want to take HDR photos with a nice quality but with my mobile phone isn't possible, so I need it, I want it =D

after watching this video its more than clear why right? no more to say... 

  • (NA) Buy a jacket like this
I found once one and I give it like a gift, and now I really want one =D 

  • (NA) Eyebrow Piercing
I want it but still don't know if it will feet me ok 

it's the biggest think I'll buy in my life if I buy it lol 

yes I want to be part of this, for sure =D

yes I did it with a french friend, she helped me a lot and now I'm so happy owner of a converse =D

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