Saturday, November 22, 2014

Love and sexuality

This is a translation of an old post I made in Spanish some time ago.

This are some quotes that I took really serious from a text of (Enrique Rojas) form when I was in the school, before throwing all that papers I wanted to save some details and this is one of them.

The first big confusion is to identify love and sex. to any sporadic sex we apply the name of love like nothing.
Human love is a feeling of approval and affirmation of the other, through which life takes a new dimension.
What's to love someone? what does it means?
To love another person is to wish her/him the best, look after for her/him, treat her/him in a exceptional way, bring her/him the best that is around us.
L'amour est par excellence ce qui fait être
(Love is the most highest reason that makes exist)
To love another person is to want her/him to be free.
Help her/him to bring out the best that is inside her/him and make her/him feel happy, joyful, enjoying/tasting all positive that surrounds and goes through the existence.
All authentic love involves a desire for absolute.
if the essence of love is to be glad with her/him, abandone your self into her/him, then in a sexual relation without authentic love, one is only looking for his/her self and tends to isolate her/his self from the other.
True love makes more human to men, transforms the past and illuminates the future, it's a synthesis of physical, psychological and spiritual ingredients.
Sorry for my bad english translation but I tried my best :) 

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