Monday, July 29, 2013

3th week

Yeah this is just the 3th week, and I'm kind of disappointed with it, because I was working a lot but my weight is exactly the same, even some times I was more heavy, and also my body didn't change too much.
Well actually there is some little changes, it's not that painful as the first week, and I can carry more weight without suffering like in the beginning, but still I don't see too much external changes, but I have to continue working and don't let it.
The first weeks the most painful exercises was abdominals and triceps, the first one because of my back, it wasn't strong enough and it was really really painful to make all the abdominals exercises, and the triceps was also hard because I didn't use it since last time I was in a gym, years ago, so it was really painful.
Now the my big problem is to find more weight to lift, because I get used to the ones I have and for bulking I need some extra effort, not too much but at least as much as my body should be able to carry.
I want to have a mesomorph body type, but I'm not sure witch one I am, because I see my family body type history and it's a estrange mix.
And why I'm doing this? well I was looking for people with my kind of body, with my "genes", and I can see we are not made to have big muscles and a nice body shape, so I was sad with the body I have to live with, but then I said to my self NO, I'll change my genes, I know my arms can't go bigger than this but I'll work hard to do it, I want to change my genes because I didn't choose to be born like this, but I can choose who I want to be, so I'll look just like I want to.

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