Friday, September 21, 2012

Be careful with what you dream

Some times I dream awake, I imagine some situations and I wish it would happen, but of course is just a dream it can't happen, until it does, but isn't as you expected.
Until now I've dream about some situations, some  things that I really wanted to happen to me, and then, suddenly it happen, like I deserve my dreams, like something was listening to me, I like to call it Karma, but it's a funny karma because happens but not has I thought, and after two or three of this ones I've realize I have to be more careful about what I dream, but is a little late, I've already dream about a lot of things is gonna happen to me, and just some days ago it happened another one.
So everything is my fault, because I dreamed about this, I remember the exactly moment, I was totally destroyed, my ex-girlfriend told me that "but we can be friends" and my brain needed to fly to another place to don't feel more what I was feeling that moment, I was even feeling sorrow about me that moment because I didn't deserve to pass through that, so I dreamed about me spending time with some one lese, and doing all the things I couldn't do with my ex-girlfriend like going to the beach together, travelling around, drinking, getting lost, making crazy things, etc and don't know why in my head that girl was blond, I don't usually care about that but it was in my dream. Well all of that happened and not in the way I thought, but it happened and I didn't realize about this until it was finish, then something inside of me told me: you wanted this, you were asking for this, is all your fault.
But as a positive guy that I am, I'm some how happy that it happened like this, because I've learn a lot, this that happened will never erase from my head, and I'm sure I won't have this mistakes, i wish so, I'm working on it, for me the most important thing is to become better person, to learn from my mistakes, to feel good with my self and to know where I am, and where I'm going.
now I'll be really careful about what I dream, and also I can't stop thinking about what I've dream before.. because it can happen, and sadly what I was dreaming before is something like this:

  • I see my self living in a nice flat, a little expensive and in the top of an high building with big windows like walls, but also I see my self alone there
  • Btw I was dreaming about I'll meet a girl who will tell me suddenly: I've found you! I was looking for you all my life, I've recognize you and I never saw you before, we are meant to be together
For the moment I don't remember more dreams I had but they will apear, this ones sounds good some how but can be really bad as I can't imagine, so I wish I'll know how to face it in it's moment.

Now I feel sad, so I should enjoy this feelings also, I don't usually get sad so it feels new and old, really old friend, last time I was like this I think I was 13 years and I was in my room watching the clouds in the sky, it was cold and grew day, and it was also for the same reason like now.

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