Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I need to know more

I want to know more, I'm really curious about a lot of things and every time it gets harder to find out answers that can satisfy me:
Why and how do we have "perfect ideas".
like eternal, infinite, unique, etc... if there isn't any thing like that in the whole world, and they aren't ideas made from others like dragons or unicorns, they are innate, but we all know what it is, and no one never saw it, hour heads can barely imagine what this words means but not to know it complete because it's imposible, like its an idea of something more capable than us. I would love to go back to the time and look for the first human who realize about this ideas and how? and what was in his brain, and if it was natural, because human kind was living here for thousands of years watching how everything changes and borns and dies but we wanted to be eternal and unique, but isn't natural, even being in the earth finishing our sources isn't natural but we continue, we will never face the end of human kind, and we are proud to safe it, to save the world for us means save the humans, I'm not so agree with that. 

I want to know more about Datation.
Datation, how to know about time, what is time, and what is time passing by something, and if time pass the same for everything, I'm curious about minimum period of time, how to measure something like this? imagining the world isn't moving at all, the sun, even the complete milk way isn't moving, how time will pass? and time will pass the same? and what does time do to what exist, how does everything change.

Darwin theory problem.
evolution, egoism genes, altruism genes?
following Darwin evolution theory: "the organism better adapted to an environment has more chance to survive" and that sounds really natural, some animals will die and others will survive because for example the environment has change and now is all snow, and that specie will survive because it had a lot of different individuals with different attributes because of the random mix of genes, and more chances to continue the specie like this. But what about egoism genes? all animals in this planet has this egoism genes, it's necessary in order to survive, otherwise if you don't have it you can easily die and if you die your genes never pass throw generations. so this means altruism genes are already extinct? 
so Altruism is not natural way to live? 
Altruism is just an idea and never exist? 
even if we change the people's genes to be more Altruism, egoism will always win? 
is it possible to be really Altruism? 

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