Tuesday, January 10, 2012

what's wrong?

The moon is full now, looking at me directly trough  the window, maybe the pain I feel can be seen even from there, but is ok... 
I just have a question, what's wrong with me?, why?, where is the problem? the mistake?
I barely know what to do or how to behave but is it an answer?, I think that I've loose too much this days and that breaks my heart more than it was before, now is not just about one person is about what I've done to more people, or what's gonna happen with them after this, I just feel that no one cares now... 

Sadness cover all my body now, just remembering all my past, all my feelings, all my life, all...  is like a nightmare, a moment that can't be erased, I need to be myself again, be brave, as the person I want to be.
I've lost all my self confident, all my fait on me, all my will to live, all...

I sill can not believe I'm here again in this situation again, one more time I've been refused without asking nothing, I feel worst than shit, I look at me and I feel shame, I'm not even a person, I'm bones and meat without soul with out brain.. 

so what I'm doing wrong? what do I deserve? 

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